EXCLUSIVE: Darren Tetley (16-0) on July 21st show in Bradford

Earlier this week, I spoke to undefeated WBO European champion Darren Tetley (16-0, 7 KO’s) about his forthcoming fight at the Hilton Hotel in Bradford on July 21st, his first professional fight in his hometown.

You can read my 350-word piece for the Bradford Telegraph and Argus here: http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/16306786.tetley-buzzing-for-first-pro-fight-in-bradford/ 

But, considering they only wanted 350 words, I thought I’d put the rest of the interview online.

Here, Darren sets the record straight on the Mason Cartwright rematch situation, talks sparring Jack Catterall and discusses the prospects of gym mate Dave Allen who fights Tony Yoka in Paris this weekend.

How many rounds would like the fight to be on July 21st?

“I’ve no idea how rounds the fight will be, but I would have thought it would be a six or eight-rounder.”

“This fight will keep me busy and keep me in the gym, because I find it hard to be in the gym if I don’t have a confirmed fight coming up, like any boxer really. I need to stay in the gym and I thought that this fight would keep me in the gym and keep me sharp.

“For the last few years, I’ve not been busy enough and I want to sort that out this year.”

Are you headlining the show?

“I’m not sure who is headlining the show but I hope I am! It’s my first professional fight in Bradford and I’m WBO European champion and, if it is an eight-rounder, then I’m not sure anyone else will be doing as many rounds as that.”

“I’m not too sure to be honest but it’s not really something that I’ve thought about too much.”

“It’s a bit of a ‘welcome home’ type fight. Obviously, not to the scale of Mick Conlan in Dublin! But, it’s in Bradford, where I’ve not boxed before, I’m coming off a win for the WBO European title and what better time to do it then now.”

You were scheduled to box in Barnsley in March, which didn’t happen. Were you keen to avoid a repeat with the inactivity?

“With the Barnsley show, I already knew that I had a title fight (in May) and I didn’t want to risk that.”

“Mason Cartwright did an interview at the weigh in before our fight and the interviewer said ‘Do you think that the inactivity will affect Darren?’ and, being out for six months, maybe it did affect me in the early rounds of the Cartwright fight.

“I don’t want to have that problem again. I’d rather fight in July and then again in either September or October. I want to keep busy, keep in shape and, most importantly, keep sharp.”

What have you been up to since the Cartwright fight?

“I’ve sparred Jack Catterall (undefeated former British 140lbs champion) a few times and have done a good few rounds with him. I’ve been back in the gym and originally, I was just ticking over but now I’m going to up the tempo of the training and get myself in shape for July 21st.”

How did the sparring with Catterall go?

“The spars with Jack were brilliant and he’s a world-class fighter in my eyes. He’s far better than he comes across on TV and his intelligence with his jab is something else.”

There’s been a lot of talk about the Cartwright rematch. What’s the situation with that from your perspective?

“At the end of the day, people are always going to ask questions about it and that’s fine.”

“I saw an interview with Mason the other day and he said that he’s got a month until he even starts sparring again. If you give it another month after that, then we’re into September already.”

“Then by the time he’s finished his training and he’s fight-ready then it’s going to be November. Like I said to Mason on Twitter, ‘got yourself healed up and once you are then talk to me about making it happen’. Until then, I’m not going to give it much thought.”

“I’ve got a fight on July 21st to come through first and then maybe a big fight in September, which I don’t think Mason will be ready for.

“I’m going to see what offers I get, hopefully have a big fight in September and win that. Then we can discuss with Mason what happens from there. I’m a fighter and I will fight anyone. I fought him the first time and I’ll fight him again.”

Is the Cartwright rematch something that you’re actively pursing?

“For me, it’s the same situation as it has been for the whole of my professional career, I will fight anyone. Whoever I get told that I’m fighting then that’s who I am fighting, I won’t chase any fights.”

“I’ve got to make the right move for my family and if that’s the best move for them, then the rematch will happen. If I get offered a bigger fight, then that will happen.”

There’s been speculation that Josh Warrington may fight in Leeds in September. Have you heard anything about that as a potential fight date after July 21st?

“I think there’s a possibility that Josh will fight in September. I can’t imagine that he’ll want to be out the ring for too long.”

“Carl Frampton’s fighting in August, so it’s not going to be Warrington-Frampton (in September). By the time Frampton’s ready again, it’ll be November, December and I can’t imagine that Josh will want to wait that long. I’m hoping that there’s a big show that I can be on in September.”

Moving away from yourself, your gym mate Dave Allen fights Tony Yoka this weekend in Paris. How’s Dave looked in the gym ahead of this fight?

“A lot of boxers talk about fighting on short notice but Dave likes that. From speaking to him, he’s confident that the later the fight goes, the better chance he’s got.

“Obviously, Tony Yoka is a world champion and Olympic gold medalist, but professional and amateur boxing are completely different. Tom Stalker was a Team GB captain but a lot of people say that he wasn’t that great as a professional.

“Mentally, Dave seems in a very good place and I really hope that he goes out there and pulls it off.”

Just finally Darren, how can fans get tickets for July 21st?

“I’m hoping to have tickets on Monday. They can ring me at 07564 210960 or message me either on Twitter (@daztetleyboxing) or on Facebook (Darren Tetley Boxer).


EXCLUSIVE: Darren Tetley talks WBO European title shot vs. Mason Cartwright (13-0) at Elland Road, May 19th

Darren Tetley has said that he won’t be found running when he fights undefeated Chester prospect Mason Cartwright for the WBO European welterweight title at Elland Road on May 19th

Tetley (15-0, 6 KO’s) steps up into his first title fight to compete for the vacant regional WBO belt, with the fight to take place on a major night of action headlined by the IBF featherweight world title fight between Lee Selby and Josh Warrington.

Cartwright (13-0-1, 5 KO’s), who fights for just the second time at 147 pounds, is noted as an aggressive, come-forward fighter but Tetley stressed that he won’t be found wanting when the two go toe to toe.

“Mason is someone that will come forward and try and get in your face” Tetley exclusively said, “but, believe me, they’ll be no running from me!”

Boxing at First Direct Arena
Tetley in action against Tottenham’s Mark McKray in September 2015. (Getty Images)

“I won’t be running around the ring. If he comes in with the mental attitude that he’s so big and strong and thinks that he’s going to walk through me, believe me, that won’t be happening.”

“It’s hard to say whether him coming down from light-middleweight will give me an advantage, possibly it will. If you ask him the same question, then I’m sure he’ll say ‘I’m so strong’ and the same thing that every other fighter says when they’re coming down in weight.”

“But, I’m a big welterweight anyway. I’m not far off 6ft, so I’m by no means a small welterweight and I’m quite big for the weight.”

“If he comes to welterweight thinking, because he’s a bigger lad, that he’ll be able to bully me around, I guarantee that on fight night he’s going to get a surprise about my size.”

Terry Flanagan and Petr Petrov Boxing Press Conference
Mason Cartwright has a record of 13 wins, 0 defeats and 1 draw with 5 of his victories coming inside the distance. (Getty)

The contest is scheduled for ten rounds, the first time Tetley will have competed for such a duration having fought in eight rounders just thrice previously.

The Bradford-born prospect insisted that he doesn’t see going the ten rounds as an issue for him heading into the fight.

“I’ve done a few eight rounders and I’ve sparred a number of ten rounders with good fighters,” Tetley continued.

“I’ve done ten rounds with Josh Leather (13-0, IBF European super lightweight champion) on a number of occasions and a few with Glenn Foot (22-3, Commonwealth super-lightweight champion) as well.”

“I don’t see it as an issue because I’m naturally fit anyway, so it won’t make an issue for my training, apart from rather than doing ten round spars here and there, they’ll be more consistent for this fight.”

Boxing Press Conference
The main event of Tetley’s next fight.

It’s been a tough past few months for Tetley as he saw former Midlands Area champion Rob Hunt pull out of his last contest in October, withdrew from a show in Barnsley a couple of weeks ago due to financial issues and recently suffered a minor shoulder injury

However, with an unbeaten opponent now confirmed, a significant title on the line and a stadium as the venue, Tetley insisted that there’s no shortage of motivation for a career-defining contest.

“The motivation is there, 100%,” the 24-year-old added. “I was originally meant to be fighting in Barnsley, but I didn’t see it as beneficial. Maybe it would have taken some so-called ring-rust off, but, now I don’t see it like that it.”

“I’d rather be in the gym, work on what I need to work on and let my body get ready for the hard weeks in the camp that are going to be coming up.”

“If I can’t get motivated for a fight against an unbeaten fighter with a title on the line on a major show, then I’m in the wrong sport.”

“The motivation is definitely there for this fight and that certainly won’t be a problem in this fight.”

To contact Darren for ticket details, message him on either Facebook (Darren Tetley Boxer) or Twitter (@daztetleyboxing).

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EXCLUSIVE: Darren Tetley pulls off Barnsley show, all eyes on title fight on Selby/Warrington show

Undefeated welterweight Darren Tetley has revealed that he has pulled out of this week’s show in Barnsley and will now concentrate all his efforts on a proposed title fight on the Lee Selby vs Josh Warrington undercard in May.

Tetley (15-0, 6 KO’s) was scheduled to fight in a six-round contest at the Metrodome in Barnsley this Friday but withdrew from the show last week due to both financial issues and the risk of sustaining an injury so soon before a potentially career-definity fight at Elland Road.

The 24-year-old is currently recovering from a minor shoulder injury but explained that he’d already been taken off the show in Barnsley.

“I was already off the Barnsley show before my injury,” Tetley explained. “My and my manager (Michael Marsden) sat down and discussed what fight it would have been and the financial side of the deal.”

Boxing at First Direct Arena
Tetley in action at The First Direct Arena in Leeds.

“It wouldn’t have been a benefit to me to go ahead with it. The opponent wouldn’t have been the best opponent, especially on paper and to sell tickets is hard enough.”

“Also, if I would have picked a cut up or a slight injury that would have put me out of the May fight on the Selby vs Warrington undercard. If that were to happen, that would have been disastrous for us. We both discussed it and decided to come off it.”

After 15 non-title fights, Tetley believes he’s now ready for a step-up in levels and couldn’t have wished for a bigger stage than a near 40,000-seater stadium.

“The Selby vs Warrington show is a massive bill,” Tetley acclaimed. “I just hope it’s for a title and that I’m not on first when the place is empty!”

Boxing Press Conference
The main event of Tetley’s next fight.

“I want a meaningful fight and that’s one of the reasons that I pulled out of the March fight. I don’t want to fight journeymen or people who I am easily expected to beat.”

“I want to be in a fight where people are saying ‘he might not win this, this is a hard fight’.

“We’ve had a couple of names given. One in particular, who we’re just waiting on confirmation for which title it would be for. My guess would be that it would be an Inter-Continental or something along those lines. That’s what we’re aiming for.”

Tetley last boxed in October, when he stopped Liverpool’s Terry Needham (7-3) inside two rounds, and admitted he’s been frustrated by his lack of activity in the ring.

“It’s very frustrating to have had that gap,” Tetley conceded. “A lot of it goes down to ticket sales. If I could sell 500 tickets a fight, I would fight every month. Unfortunately, I can’t.”

“It is frustrating and I can’t deny that it’s not frustrating. But, I’ve just got to focus on May 19th, hopefully pick up a title, then more fights will come and I’ve got more reason to be on other shows.”

“At the minute, do I bring anything to the table to fight in London, for example? Not really unless I’m going to sell hundreds and hundreds of tickets.”

“If I do pick up a title, then that’s appealing for people to watch me. I’m focusing on May then hopefully I’ll be back out sooner than six months later.”

To contact Darren for ticket details, call 075642 10960

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EXCLUSIVE: Darren Tetley discusses March 16th fight, Selby-Warrington undercard spot and Elland Road

Bradford’s Darren Tetley has announced that his return to the ring will be in March, although he is already targeting a big title fight on the Lee Selby vs Josh Warrington undercard in May.

Tetley (15-0, 6 KO’s) announced on Sunday evening that he would fight on a Carl Greaves-promoted show at The Metrodome, Barnsley on March 16th, his first fight of 2018.

The unbeaten welterweight, who is promoted by veteran Frank Warren, has his eyes set upon a big title fight for the Selby vs Warrington bill, with Elland Road being tipped as a potential venue.

“We’re looking for a big fight on the Selby vs Warrington undercard after my fight in Barnsley and I’ll definitely be asking for a big fight,” said Tetley.

“I’d love it to be a title fight, like an Inter-Continental title. But even if it was just an eight-rounder or a ten-rounder against someone who’s coming to win, I’d be happy. I want a name that’s going to get people talking, that’s going to be another step-up for me again.”

Tetley last boxed in October, where he defeated Liverpool’s Terry Needham (7-3) by second-round stoppage, and said he was eager to fight once more before May in order to ensure they’ll be no ring rust.

“My last few fights have been about six months a part, I think my last four fights have been like that,” Tetley continued.

“There no way that would have been good for me to wait and fight in May. I boxed last in October, then potentially boxing again in May. I would have been in the same situation where my fights are half a year apart.”

“I spoke to my manager Mick (Marsden) and said ‘I want to get out before May’. The show at Barnsley Metrodome came up and I took it straight away.”

“If I’d have not boxed from October until May, then I would have had ring-rust and I wouldn’t have felt good. With March, I can get some of the cobwebs off and be ready to go straightway in May in a big fight.”

The venue for the highly anticipated IBF featherweight world title bout between Selby and Warrington has yet to be confirmed although rumours have suggested that it be held at the home ground of Leeds United.

“Elland Road would be by far the biggest venue and the biggest show that I would have boxed on,” said the 24-year-old.

“Then, hopefully I could have the biggest fight of my career on that show as well. It’s just a waiting game at the moment, waiting on the venue and my next opponent to be announced.”

“Now, it’s time to turn it up. Get back to training full-on and getting fit and sharp to be ready for March.”

Huddersfield Town U18s 1-1 (3-4 Pens) Fulham U18s – Match Report

Huddersfield Town U18s were knocked out of the FA Youth Cup after they lost on penalties to Fulham at the John Smith’s Stadium.

Fulham took the lead in just the first minute through Chris Kelly before substitute Micah Obiero bagged the equaliser late in the second-half.

After a goalless period of extra time, the Cottagers came out on top 4-3 in the penalty shootout with Jordan Eli missing in sudden death for Town.

Fulham couldn’t have wished for a better start as they took the lead inside the 15 seconds. Winger Kelly curled the ball into the far-left corner and punished some poor play from Huddersfield who’d look to play out from the back.

Town’s youngsters fought well to get back into the contest and were inches away from levelling the score ten minutes later as Dominic Tear saw a header skim the crossbar.

Whilst Huddersfield dominated much of the possession it was Fulham who had the majority of the chances with two coming midway into the half.

Timmy Abraham, the brother of Swansea striker Tammy, found room in the area but was denied by a faint save from Luke Mewitt before the Terriers’ keeper was on hand to deny Kelly a second with a smart low stop.

Kelly continued to torment the Town defence and after a well-worked quick attacking move the wideman steered a shot just wide of the post ten minutes from the half-time whistle.

Both sides exchanged chances before the break as Huddersfield’s Oliver Dyson miscued a chipped shot before Abraham of Fulham put wide an effort from six yards out, leaving Fulham ahead at the interval.

By the second half, the game quickly descended into a battle of attack and defence with Fulham firmly camped in their own half.

Captain and top scorer George Danaher came close after forcing a fantastic one-handed save from his header before the striker saw another couple of chances go amiss.

With ten minutes remaining, Town’s persistence was finally rewarded as a cross from Republic of Ireland youth international Mason O’Malley was headed home by substitute Micah Obiero to level proceedings.

With the game all square, Fulham regained their earlier attacking instincts and twice almost snatched a late winner as Sonny Hilton saw an effort cleared off the line before Tyrese Francois put wide a one-on-one in the added time.

However, it remained 1-1 after 90 minutes, forcing the game into 30 minutes of extra time.

The half hour proved a competitive period and it wasn’t until the final minute when Francois’ lucrative half-volley was tipped onto the crossbar that either side threatened.

Fulham secured progress to the fourth round as Jordan Eli scored the winning penalty in the shootout.

Huddersfield Town: Mewitt, Jackson, O’Malley, Gibson, Thomas, Marriott, Tear, High, Danaher (C), Daly, Dyson
Subs: Obiero, Raymond, Eli, Austerfield, Bamford

 Fulham: Ashby-Hammond, Spence, Felix (C), Harris, Sessegnon, Mundle-Smith, Kelly, Francois, Abraham, Hilton, Santos Clase
Subs: York, Schwarzer, Asare, De Havilland, Martin

Referee: Mr Paul Ince

Tyrone Nurse: “The motivation is back ahead for Catterall”

British super-lightweight champion Tyrone Nurse has said that the motivation is back ahead of his fourth title defence against Jack Catterall tomorrow.

Nurse (35-2-2, 7 KO’s) takes on undefeated WBO Inter-Continental champion Catterall (18-0, 10 KO’s) in the chief support to Josh Warrington vs Dennis Ceylan at The First Direct Arena in Leeds tomorrow.

It’s been a frustrating 12 months for Nurse with proposed fights against Catterall and Ohara Davies falling through as well as only managing to draw against Joe Hughes in April.

However, the fight that Nurse had been craving has now finally been delivered and he said that the motivation is now back as he faces the world-ranked Catterall. “I’m excited by this fight, I’m motivated by it and training isn’t an issue now,” said Nurse at his local gym in Huddersfield.

“Obviously, originally, we were meant to fight Jack (Catterall) for the British, (but) he pulled out. Then we had Ohara Davies for the British, he pulled out. These were both unbeaten big-punching prospects who were going to go on and take over the world so they were the fights that we wanted, but they didn’t come.”

“I’ve been boxing since I was 12 and as a professional since I was 18 so it’s been almost ten years. After so many years of fighting kids that you know you are going to beat, you want a challenge and we’ve been waiting for a challenge for a good couple of years.”

With Nurse’s rumours name being linked with the likes of Catterall and Davies at the beginning of the year, he admitted to lacking in enthusiasm prior to the Hughes fight. “In the camp, I wasn’t interested in fighting Joe Hughes,” confessed Nurse.

“I looked at him like Jack Catterall’s leftovers, he was just someone’s leftovers in my eyes. I wasn’t serious with my weight and stuff. I’m not going to make any excuses, I wasn’t myself.

“It wasn’t a great performance but I still felt that I did enough to win. But, the motivation is enough to change the way things happen.”

Preparations have been far different for the Catterall fight, with Nurse having a full ten-week training camp as well as spending ten days out in Tenerife sparring with former world title challenger Liam Walsh and his brother Ryan, the British featherweight champion.

“The sparring was good,” said Nurse. “They’re experienced guys. Liam Walsh just fought Gervonta Davis for the (IBF super-featherweight) world title. I’ve been in big fights before, but they’ve been in bigger fights so talking to them about how they handled things was good.”

“Then obviously the sparring as well, it was great sparring for what we needed. They’re shorter than me, about Jack’s size, good hookers like Jack (Catterall) so it was ideal.”

“The temperature’s over there are 30 degrees,” Nurse continued, “and at that heat it just doesn’t feel like training. You’re out doing four-mile and six-mile runs but you’re running on the edge of the beach with the sea dipping on your toes! It doesn’t feel like plodding along the hills of Yorkshire!”

Catterall is currently ranked at number three in the WBO’s world rankings and Nurse believes that a victory on Saturday night could propel him to a shot at a world title.

“Frank (Warren) said at the press conference that the winner of this fight will be looking at a world title shot in nine to ten months, so if that isn’t extra motivation and something to push you then what else is?” said Nurse.

Asked for a prediction for the fight, Nurse simply replied, “Tyrone Nurse. And still.”

Darren Tetley: “I need to make a statement”

Undefeated Bradford welterweight Darren Tetley says that he’s out to make a statement ahead of his 15th professional contest tomorrow evening.

Tetley (14-0, 5 KO’s) fights Liverpool’s Terry Needham (7-3, 3 KO’s) on the undercard to Josh Warrington vs Dennis Ceylan at The First Arena in Leeds.

The 24-year-old hasn’t registered a knockout victory in any of his last five fights and he’s looking for an early finish to put him in domestic title contention.

“I need to make a statement in this fight,” Tetley told me at yesterday’s weigh-in. “I’ve really got the urge and the fire in my belly.

“My last few fights have been a bit rubbish to be honest. I can’t even win every round and doddle through it.

“If I win every rounds and win on points then I’ve got to look unbelievable or I’ve got to get him out of there and I’m looking to do that tomorrow night.

“People aren’t talking about me much at the minute so tomorrow night I want to change that and show that there’s a welterweight that’s knocking on the door for titles.

Tetley was originally set to fighting Rob Hunt (24-5-2) but the former Midlands Area champion pulled out this week due to an injury, forcing Needham to step in as a late replacement.

“It was frustrating in a sense because I was looking forward to the fight,” admitted Tetley. “It was good fight, you know Hunt’s won 24, lost 5, so a massive step up for me.”

“Terry’s stepped in at late notice so fair play to him. But, by far, this is the toughest fight I’ve had and I think everyone in the boxing circle knows it’s a step up for me.

“My trainer Mick Marsden, his philosophy is ‘as long as Darren Tetley’s 100% right, then we’ll beat whoever’s in front of us.’

“I’ve gone from fighting a 6 ft 1 in orthodox fighter to a 5ft 9in southpaw so it’s totally different. But I’m ready for it.”

The Bradford southpaw has sparred with British super-lightweight champion Tyrone Nurse and former IBF International champion Tommy Coyle in the build-up to this fight. Tetley holds both in high esteem.

“I’ve sparred about 30 odd rounds with Tyrone (Nurse) and enjoyed every one of them”, Tetley continued.

“To me, he’s world class, I’ve always thought it from when I was a young age, you know he’s world class and I think the (Jack) Catterall fight is a real 50/50 fight.”

“Tommy (Coyle) rung us and invited us for some sparring for his fight with Tyrone McKenna. So I did six rounds with Tommy and I was meant to go back to do eight rounds but he injured his hand so unfortunately I couldn’t go back and I just did the six rounds with him.”

“But again, he’s a lovely fella, makes you feel welcome, looks after you and I wish him nothing but the best in his recovery.”

Halifax RLFC 20-6 Hunslet RLFC

Halifax RLFC booked their place in the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup fifth round after a hard fought win over League 1 side Hunslet RLFC at the MBi Shay Stadium.

Ten minutes until kick off between Halifax and Hunslet here at the MBi Shay Stadium. #HALvHUN #ChallengeCup #RugbyLeague

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Halifax looked to be in full command of the game after a couple of first-half tries from Ed Barber and Chester Butler, as well as three goals from Steve Tyrer, saw Fax move into a 14-0 lead before the hour mark. A 70th minute converted try from Hunslet’s Joel Gibson set up a dramatic finale, but it was Halifax who were able to see out the victory as Rob Worrincy touched down in the final few minutes.

Click the link below to watch the Halifax RLFC pre-match warm up. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fhalifax.rlfc%2Fvideos%2F1658453831125457%2F&show_text=1&width=560
The home side begun the game in superb fashion with a try inside the opening four minutes. After being given a penalty inside the Hunslet 20m, Fax capitalised as Ed Barber held off two challenges to touch down on the right hand side. Steve Tyrer was unable to move Fax six points ahead as he kicked his conversion wide.

Hunslet looked as if they were about to respond immediately as Widnes loanee Ryan Ince found space in the right corner, but, Shane Grady was on hand to put the winger into touch, metres from the line.

The visitors continued to look dangerous around the Fax try line as midway through the half, Hunslet debutant Sean Hesketh touched down only for the referee to deny the try due to a forward pass.

Halifax were able to capitalise on Hunslet’s wastefulness with their second try of the game in the 23rd minute.

Gareth Moore’s superb diagonal kick was collected by Butler who touched down in the corner. Tyrer nailed the touchline conversion, his 20th goal of the season.

A series of knock ons by both sides prevented any genuine rhythm to the game but it was Halifax who dealt best with the conditions.

Within the final minutes, Fax missed chances to increase their lead as Tyrer spilt the ball metres away before Butler was denied a second try after being pushed into touch by Mufaro Mvududu.

Halifax did manage to turn their chances into points however, as Tyrer kicked a superb 45 metre penalty to give the Blues and Whites a 12-0 half-time lead.

It was almost a dream start to the second half for the home side as only a few minutes into the half, Chris Cullimore came close to scoring on his debut only to be stopped close to the line. Hunslet dominated possession throughout the half, however, a number of handling errors and some superb Fax defending preventing them from scoring.

Fax weathered the storm and edged further ahead as Tyrer slotted home another penalty goal. Hunslet’s patience in attack was finally rewarded ten minutes from full-time as Ince raced past fellow winger Worrincy to score in the corner after a clever kick through by Daniel Ansell.

Ansell brilliantly converted from the wide angle to reduce Halifax’s lead to just eight points and set up a climatic ending to the game.

Halifax held on though and just four minutes from full time they scored their third try of the game to seal the victory.

A well worked set by Fax saw Moore kick through the gap into the left corner where Worrincy was able to touch down with ease. Tyrer’s final conversion sealed the win and booked Fax a place in Tuesday’s fifth round draw.

For full minute-by-minute coverage of the match head to my Twitter page: jacob_kilbride

Full match higlights via Hunslet RLFC’s YouTube channel

Comparing Live Blogs and Articles.

Following the rise of the online media, and in particular, Twitter, sports news outlets have been forced to adapt to new audiences who demand instant, up to date coverage of the latest sporting events from around the world. 

One of the main ways in which news outlets do this is through the use of live blogs, which can be as broad as the BBC’s Sportsday or more specific coverage of a certain event, such as Sky Sports’ Transfer Centre or The Guardian’s live coverage of high-profile international cricket matches. 

Generally, live blogs go into far less detail than an actual article, but, this does suit its purpose which is to be concise in the way it delivers information. For instance, on Monday January 23rd, the BBC Sport live blog wrote a post on the story that twice Olympic champion boxer Nicola Adams was set to turn later this year (see below). The post contained was just four sentences long, which reflects the usual length of most blog posts as well as the short, to-the-point style of writing used by the BBC. The post only includes the relevant information such as where and when Adams will make her professional debut and a short quote from her.


In contrast to this, a full length article contains more specific information on the story and also provides some context into Adams’ career for those who don’t already know about her career. The Sky Sports article on this particular story (see below) takes a more reflective approach in its coverage as it includes a longer range of quotes from Adams, who discusses her ambitions to become world champion, and quotes from Rob McCracken, the boxing performance director for Great Britain. 


Comparing the Huddersfield Examiner Website and Newspaper

One of the key qualities of a modern sports journalist has to be the ability to write and broadcast for multiple media platforms. To be able to this, it is important to note the differences in these outlets and how writing style, layout and news value can change dependent on which outlet you are writing for.

In order to aid these skills, we were tasked with comparing the differences between the sports pages of the Huddersfield Examiner newspaper and the sports section of the Huddersfield Examiner website from the same day.

One of the most striking things I found upon my first glance at the Huddersfield Examiner sports website was the dominance of football on the main stories section. For instance, of the seven articles to feature on the main section, seven were football stories with the other being a rugby league story.

The Huddersfield Examiner Sports Website tends to be dominated by football stories. 

However, in the newspaper from the same day there was a far more balanced news agenda in the sports pages as there was one double spread of pages on football, rugby league, rugby union and cricket whilst stories on golf and trials were given space on the back page.

One of the reasons for this may be that when someone buys a newspaper they will spend a fair amount of time reading it and therefore the newspaper can afford to give coverage to other less well known sports. Whereas, with a website, people will spend a shorter amount of time on it than they would when reading a newspaper and therefore it’s important to keep them interested in the content, and given that football is the most popular sport in the country, this may be why it is given such large coverage.

Another difference between the website and newspaper is the interaction between the media organisation, in this case the Huddersfield Examiner, and the reader. During the Championship fixture between Huddersfield Town and Ipswich Town on Saturday, the website had a live blog which was updated regularly with short descriptions of the match action as well as embedded tweets from fans who had tweeted the Examiner.

This similar interaction cannot be seen however in the newspaper, as the print version will tend to use their own writers and columnists to give opinions on the game, rather than the fans and this quick interaction is far more suited to the instantaneous nature of online media as opposed to the newspaper, which can be far more reflective.