Week Five of the Journalism Technologies module saw our focus turn to the world’s biggest social network, Facebook and the ways in which journalists can used it for professional purposes.

In our Monday afternoon seminar, Richard introduced us to Facebook Live a tool which allows its users to live stream videos to their friends and followers. From previous personal use of Facebook, I’d rarely thought of Facebook Live as an important tool, merely seeing it as a gimmick that had limited purposes.

However, Richard explained to use that Facebook Live had formed an integral part of BBC Sport’s coverage of the football European Championships in France during the summer. They had used Facebook Live to stream live coverage of match previews and half-time reviews.

Also in the seminar, we begun using Facebook Live and I interviewed Declan about his thoughts on his first few weeks at studying Sports Journalism at the University of Huddersfield.


In the Monday morning lecture, Caroline taught us about the history of Facebook and how a group of Harvard students went on to develop one of the most successful businesses’ in the world. The lecture also furthered on the concept of vertical integration as well as introducing the concept of the filter bubble.


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