The eighth week of the Journalism Technologies module saw lecturer Richard task each of us with going out and taking a photo on our smart phones of something “newsworthy” during our reading week.

As the featured image at the top of this blog post shows, I choose to take a photo of the Leeds United vs Newcastle United Championship match, a minute or so before kick off, which took place on Sunday afternoon at Elland Road. This particular game had a strong news value attached to it for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the attendance. Just over 36,000 people were inside Elland Road for the game, making it the first sell out at the ground since Leeds’ 3-1 FA Cup defeat to Premier League side Arsenal in January 2011 and the first sell out for a league fixture since their 2-1 victory over Bristol Rovers in 2010 which secured promotion from League One.

The game also has significant news value due to the away side, Newcastle United given that they were the league leaders, having won their six league matches, and they could move five points clear at the top if they won the game.

Finally, given the large fan bases and high profile standings of both clubs, the game was shown by the the Sky Sports cameras who broadcast the game live on Sky Sports 1.


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