Following the rise of the online media, and in particular, Twitter, sports news outlets have been forced to adapt to new audiences who demand instant, up to date coverage of the latest sporting events from around the world. 

One of the main ways in which news outlets do this is through the use of live blogs, which can be as broad as the BBC’s Sportsday or more specific coverage of a certain event, such as Sky Sports’ Transfer Centre or The Guardian’s live coverage of high-profile international cricket matches. 

Generally, live blogs go into far less detail than an actual article, but, this does suit its purpose which is to be concise in the way it delivers information. For instance, on Monday January 23rd, the BBC Sport live blog wrote a post on the story that twice Olympic champion boxer Nicola Adams was set to turn later this year (see below). The post contained was just four sentences long, which reflects the usual length of most blog posts as well as the short, to-the-point style of writing used by the BBC. The post only includes the relevant information such as where and when Adams will make her professional debut and a short quote from her.


In contrast to this, a full length article contains more specific information on the story and also provides some context into Adams’ career for those who don’t already know about her career. The Sky Sports article on this particular story (see below) takes a more reflective approach in its coverage as it includes a longer range of quotes from Adams, who discusses her ambitions to become world champion, and quotes from Rob McCracken, the boxing performance director for Great Britain. 



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